Behavioral Health

Improving the quality and lowering the cost of behavioral health services

Mental health and substance use disorders are key health care challenges and are a prominent cause of mortality and morbidity in the United States, particularly among adolescents and young adults.

Patient outcomes for these disorders can be significantly impacted by the quality, cost, and accessibility of available care options. Recognizing this, payers and providers are looking to assess and improve quality, include behavioral health services in targeted value-based payment models, and integrate behavioral health services more deliberately into other service-delivery environments.

The RTI Center for Health Care Advancement can help you identify optimal options to address these challenges. We can assess and improve the quality of your behavioral health services and we can design and implement new value-based reimbursement models to improve quality and outcomes and to lower costs.

Our behavioral health experts—comprised of mental health professionals, epidemiologists, economists, quality measurement experts, data analysts, and more—have collected and analyzed qualitative and quantitative data for decades on behavioral health risk factors, prevalence rates, utilization, workforce, and provider supply. We can leverage our extensive experience to help you to define and evaluate quality within your organization and then design and implement targeted assessment and improvement programs, including helping you to develop or select quality measures. Our experts also will help define and deploy value-based purchasing solutions that can optimize outcomes for providers, payers, and patients.

Contact us to learn how you can drive value and improve the quality of your behavioral health services to benefit the populations you serve.

Areas of Expertise

  • Quality Measurement and Assessment
  • Value-Based Purchasing
  • Behavioral Health Financing

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