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Evidence Generation

Our thought leadership on real-world evidence for MedTech, digital therapeutics, and pharma aims to generate high-quality clinical evidence needed to prove efficacy and safety, as well as support regulatory review. Through our content, consulting services, and solutions, our team of experts help healthcare developers, payers, and provider organizations assess digital health apps, minimize bias, and take a scientific approach to programmatic and care decisions.

Evidence Generation

Discover seven considerations for creating a comprehensive quality improvement data strategy that achieves health equity objectives. Learn more.


Evidence Generation

Building “fulcrum points” when addressing health equity strategy can increase opportunities for success. Learn about the first 3 of 6 fulcrum points here.


Evidence Generation

Approaching health equity data in an individualized way is crucial to helping organizations improve health equity at the community level. Learn more here.


Evidence Generation

Read a physician’s take on integrating PGHD to support timely, data-driven decisions, and learn about a recent AHRQ report supporting PGHD initiatives here.


Evidence Generation

Prior authorization can help ensure that patients have access to safe, effective, affordable, high-quality care by helping to guard against potential overtreatment or inappropriate treatments that contribute to unnecessary costs and/or potential harm to patients.

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