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Noah Haber

Noah Haber

Senior Economist
Noah Haber is a Senior Economist with RTI Health Advance.

As an interdisciplinary scientist, Noah works at the crossroads of economics, epidemiology, meta-science, and causal inference. He focuses on rigorous evaluation and evidence development in new areas of healthcare, such as evidentiary strength evaluation. His background encompasses a range of fields, from statistical methodologies to decision-making and public dialogue. 

His methodological roots in health economics and econometrics started with pharmaceutical cost-effectiveness modeling and were further developed during his doctoral years at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.  Noah's work is oriented toward improving evaluation and production of evidence to improve actionability for decision-makers.

Noah also holds a BA from Brandeis, and a MSc from the London School of Economics. He completed interdisciplinary studies in collaboration with epidemiology during his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina and meta-science work at the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford University (METRICS).