Our Approach

Our evidence-based approach drives forward-thinking decisions and industry initiatives to improve care, encourage better use of health care resources, and create value. Our experts, experience, and practical tactics have helped our clients make forward progress on the challenges that are important to them. We offer a holistic approach to advancement, beginning with assessing the true need to assisting with the transition to ongoing sustainability of solutions.

The RTI Center for Health Care Advancement has the unique ability to engage with our clients at any point along the continuum of creating new solutions, whether you are still trying to comprehend the problem or are looking for support in disseminating and communicating solutions.

Our holistic approach begins with creating a complete understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. We do this by:

  • Using a data-driven and evidence-based process that enables us to have a clear line of sight to the challenges your organization is facing, and
  • Evaluating evidence that exists in literature and across the industry that supports the call for change.

We’ll work with you to recognize and define the problem, putting it in a context that allows it to be solved. Once the problem has been articulated and evidence has been collected to substantiate the need for action, we assemble the right experts, data, and methods necessary to address the issue.

Along the way, we identify and analyze best practices and provide the benchmarks needed to better understand the starting point relative to the desired outcome. We provide not only articulated solutions, but also the necessary metrics and benchmarks required to measure the success of the effort. This results in contextually appropriate recommendations that can lead to progress.

Our team works side by side with our clients during the testing and implementation of solutions, providing technical and operational support to achieve success. We help you navigate the changes you’re facing and are experts in training, facilitation, and communication—all areas critical to sustaining improvement. Our evaluation methodologies provide the appropriate foundation for allowing you to engage in continuous improvement, with real-time ability to determine what is and what is not working, enabling quick and efficient resolution as needed.

The RTI Center for Health Care Advancement is steeped in objectivity, has a true commitment to excellence, and leads with integrity to provide you with confidence in our work and products so you can make the best decisions for your organization and the populations you serve.