Sustaining Quality Improvement in Public Health via an Online Exchange

Driving improvement and collaboration in public health efforts

By Jamie Pina

Public health organizations need a central place to exchange information about their quality improvement initiatives. To meet this need, RTI developed and continues to maintain the Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange (PHQIX). Based on user-centered design, this online database includes a faceted search and a taxonomy that allows for diverse search capabilities and meets the needs of public health practitioners and researchers.

PHQIX includes

  • An online database of quality improvement efforts conducted by governmental public health departments across the country,
  • Search and query functions to enable users to find interventions and tools relevant to their own health department and community needs, and
  • A forum for dialogue and learning among the site’s users.

Results have shown that public health community engagement has increased the use of quality improvement methods in public health. The public health community continues to engage in PHQIX through outreach using social media and communication tools that interact directly with the website,