Wearable Technology Overview

Obtaining Valid and Reliable Data from Wearable Technology

The widespread adoption of wearable technology over the past decade has significantly strengthened the ability of individuals, clinicians, and researchers to understand and intervene in many aspects of personal and population health.

Study sponsors, researchers, and clinicians are increasingly interested in collecting data from wearable devices; however, two primary challenges exist. First, there is a deficit in the expertise and technology infrastructure to incorporate wearable devices into current research programs. Additionally, when wearables’ data are collected, there is no way to manage and analyze the information in a meaningful way because of a lack of standardization.

RTI International can help you with these challenges. Our experts conduct research into the reliability and validity of wearable products and provide guidance and technical support to plan and implement studies that use wearables for data collection, to manage pilot and demonstration programs, and to monitor and evaluate efforts that ensure wearable devices generate trusted and actionable data.

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