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We've joined our RTI Health Solutions colleagues under the RTI Health Solutions brand to offer an expanded set of research and consulting services.

Care Delivery Models

Our thought leadership on care delivery models and innovation aims to highlight best practices, emerging innovations, and strategies that improve operational responsibility and accountability for patient care quality, service excellence, and improving the experience of care. Through our content, consulting services, and solutions, our team of experts helps healthcare organizations design new or improve existing models around clinical decision making, digital therapeutics, connected care, and new business models that tap into value-based care contracts.

Care Delivery Models

A recently published report from the AHRQ provides a framework to evaluate the fast-growing yet largely opaque field of mental health apps. Learn more.


Care Delivery Models

Learn the current trends in connected care and what the future hold for providers in digital health.

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Care Delivery Models

Learn how home and community-based services programs for older adults are generating better health outcomes, and ways to improve these programs here.


Care Delivery Models

In this article, we examine the barriers to digital connected care and what's being done to solidify its position and accelerate further adoption. Learn more.

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Care Delivery Models

During the pandemic, hospital-at-home programs are on the rise and producing excellent results for patients. Learn more about hospital-at-home programs.


Care Delivery Models

Connected care is improving quality and outcomes in at-risk populations. Successful strategies include technologies and innovative care models.


Care Delivery Models

Effective patient engagement requires care delivery approaches that address patient needs. Learn tips to improve patient engagement strategies for here.

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Care Delivery Models

Technological change in healthcare has progressed rapidly in the past couple of years, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consumerization of healthcare.


Care Delivery Models

To succeed in an evolving market, digital health developers must meet complex requirements for FDA approval and provider reimbursement. See details.


Care Delivery Models

Learn about five key social determinants of health (SDoH) and how health disparities among racial and ethnic groups affect care quality and patient health outcomes.

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