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Read our latest research and findings on the most important topics impacting healthcare.

Evidence Generation

Population Segmentation

Learn how mental & physical comorbidities are related and how healthcare is looking to adopt a more holistic, technology-assisted approach to address them.


Population Segmentation

With adults living longer, the healthcare industry is facing a burgeoning need for senior healthcare. Learn how to address this growing need here.


Evidence Generation

Discover seven considerations for creating a comprehensive quality improvement data strategy that achieves health equity objectives. Learn more.


Population Segmentation

As the population ages, the need for family caregiving is on the rise. This means more stress on caregivers. Find resources and more information here.


Population Segmentation

As the US transitions to a "super-aged society", it's important for the healthcare industry to prepare for a burgeoning senior population. Learn more.


Social Determinants of Health

Building “fulcrum points” when addressing health equity strategy can increase opportunities for success. Learn about the second 3 of 6 fulcrum points here.