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Equitable Care

We help payers, providers, and health technology companies provide consistent, high-quality care.

Equitable Care

See how states are incorporating, incentivizing, and requiring the adoption of health equity improvement activities and performance measures here.


Equitable Care

Learn why cultural sensitivity leads to better outcomes and how to leverage your data to achieve them in this installment of our three-part health equity series.


Equitable Care

Having providers work alongside community-based organizations to foster ongoing understanding & support is key to greater patient satisfaction. Learn more.


Equitable Care

From funding to care access, training, and more, learn about current trends in maternal health & how they're setting the stage for a more equitable future.


Equitable Care

Providers are expanding their approach to health equity. Learn more about a subtle yet powerful approach known as cultural humility here.


Equitable Care

In this article, we offer one approach to creating a strategic planning two- or three-day offsite event to help prioritize health equity. Learn more.


Equitable Care

The NCQA's Health Equity Measurement Framework is taking an important lead for state Medicaid programs and their contracted health plans. Learn more.


Equitable Care

Learn about The NIH's Minority Health and Health Disparities Strategic Plan and other ways the NIH is working to battle health inequities in 2023 & beyond.


Equitable Care

Cancer screenings hare fallen amidst the global pandemic, but as we aim to return to baseline, serious health inequities continue to persist. Learn more.


Equitable Care

As health data proliferates, identifying and understanding often hidden biases are key in advancing health equity efforts. Learn more.


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