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Read our latest research and findings on the most important topics impacting healthcare.

Outcomes-Based Contracts

The U.S. healthcare system is shifting toward greater transparency and accountability. One of the instruments payers and healthcare systems use to measure provider performance is patient experience surveys.


Social Determinants of Health

CKD, kidney failure and end-stage renal disease are disproportionately high among historically marginalized people. Learn about ways to achieve health equity in CKD here.


Social Determinants of Health

Changes in diabetes clinical quality measures are necessary to improve health outcomes. Learn how RTI is stratifying data for better health outcomes here.


RTI Health Advance practice leaders are excited to present at the HIMSS 2022 conference (HIMSS22), on this year's theme: “re-imagine health”. Learn more.


Alternative Payment Models

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are healthcare organizations designed to move care delivery-and-payment away from the traditional, volume-driven, fee-for-service model toward an integrated approach.


Social Determinants of Health

A review of a study showing that inequitable access to healthcare facilities is fueled by altered migration patterns due to systemic racism. Learn more.


Social Determinants of Health

Stratification enables data scientists to identify cohorts of at-risk patients and to develop targeted interventions to reduce health inequity. Learn more.