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We've joined our RTI Health Solutions colleagues under the RTI Health Solutions brand to offer an expanded set of research and consulting services.

Exploring Health And Wellness For Everyone At The HIMSS 2022 Conference (HIMSS22)

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has its annual conference the week of March 14, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. Two of RTI Health Advance’s practice leaders are participating in the educational and informational presentation lineup. Themed “Re-Imagine Health,” the HIMSS 2022 conference offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to explore healthcare technology trends, discover products, and learn about innovative healthcare services while networking with colleagues.

HIMSS22 Business track focuses on operational excellence

The Volume to Value event track includes session #140 scheduled for Wednesday, March 16 at 1pm EDT. The session is titled “Evaluation of Value: Understanding Mental Health Integration,” to be co-presented by Franzi Rokoske, PT, MS, Head of Population Health and Equity at RTI Health Advance and Ish Bhalla, MD, MS, Medical Director of Behavioral Health Value Transformation at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Franzi’s speaker page for the conference can be found here and details about the session here

Exploring operational excellence – At-risk vendor contracts in value-based care 

Explore a fourth pillar of value in the value-based care framework: at-risk vendor contracts for solutions that improve health and reduce cost, using independent, third-party evaluation to quantify the value or cost savings. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina implemented a behavioral health integration platform under an at-risk contract. RTI Health Advance quantified the total cost of care savings in a partnership with Blue Cross and the platform innovator.

HIMSS22 Data and information track focuses on improving care delivery

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning track includes session #294 scheduled for Friday, March 18 at 10:30am EDT. The session is titled “AI, ePA, and the Future of Prior Authorization,” to be co-presented by Claudia Uribe, MD, MHA, PhD, Head of Strategic Evidence Generation at RTI Health Advance and Colin Carpenter, PhD, CEO of Siris Medical. Claudia’s speaker page for the conference can be found here and details about the session here.

Exploring healthcare data & information – About prior authorization

Prior authorization aids in the reduction of potential overtreatment or inappropriate treatments that may contribute to unnecessary cost. Yet it can be burdensome to consumers, providers, and health plans. Hear about the impact of electronic prior authorization on improving the prior authorization process where RTI Health Advance served as an independent evaluator to gain objective insights on the impact of ePA across a range of metrics.

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