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Evidence Generation

We help clients efficiently generate high-quality scientific evidence needed to support improved decision making about healthcare delivery.

Evidence Generation

RTI Rarity™ supports targeted interventions and more accurate risk adjustment required for value-based contracts that entail more risk. Learn more.


Evidence Generation

Uncertainty is a key part of the process when it comes to decision-making in healthcare. Learn how to mitigate this in cost-effectiveness modeling here.


Evidence Generation

Race and ethnicity data lack robust consistency, availability, and accuracy. We help clients improve self-reported race & ethnicity data collection.


Evidence Generation

By designing digital health clinical trials for diversity, we can better meet patient needs and fulfill regulatory compliance measures. Learn more.


Evidence Generation

Research shows that exploring data on an extremely local level offers key insights that lead to more effective health equity interventions. Learn more.


Evidence Generation

With over 350k largely unregulated mobile health apps, an approach that can help with assessing digital therapeutics is scorecard methodology. Learn more.


Evidence Generation

Amy Helwig, MD, EVP joined a panel of provider, payer, and industry peers to discuss the current state of health equity. Learn about their discussion here.


Evidence Generation

Analytics is the workhorse of population health management. Learn how more sophisticated healthcare data analytics capabilities and tools extend PHM value.


Evidence Generation

Maximizing population health management's value – to populations, individuals, & healthcare organizations – requires a more mature data model. Learn more.


Evidence Generation

Discover seven considerations for creating a comprehensive quality improvement data strategy that achieves health equity objectives. Learn more.


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