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We've joined our RTI Health Solutions colleagues under the RTI Health Solutions brand to offer an expanded set of research and consulting services.

Social Determinants Of Health

Our team of clinicians and social risk analysts create valuable content on social risk, social determinants of health, and how economic and social conditions influence individual and population health disparities. Through our content, consulting services, and RTI Rarity™ Local Social Inequity score (LSI), our team works with healthcare and community organizations to reveal and address the non-medical factors that influence health outcomes. From gathering social risk data and creating health equity strategic plans to designing SDoH payment models and effective interventions, our goal is to lower social risk and use precious resources to improve health outcomes.

Social Determinants Of Health

Social risk indices can be utilized by healthcare payers and providers to promote health equity in the commercial market. Learn more.

/sites/default/files/styles/max_1300x1300/public/2023-05/G876420656S-SM_0003_Layer-4.png.webp?itok=FvxQAkbX Jessica Uba, Jiamin (Sherry) Ma, Ethan Phillips, Chloe Stiles

Social Determinants Of Health

Learn how neighborhoods can impact opportunities for healthy choices and how we can address social determinants of health on a neighborhood level.


Social Determinants Of Health

Learn about social determinants of health indices, how they're used, and which ones to choose with this article's review of 5 prominent indices.


Social Determinants Of Health

Food insecurity can lead to health issues due to scarcity and lack of access to nutritious foods. Learn how food insecurity is being addressed.


Social Determinants Of Health

There are two sides to SDoH. We can organize these into modifiable and non-modifiable factors. Learn more about what these factors include.


Social Determinants Of Health

There is an enormous number of SDoH- and health equity-related indices. Read more about these indices and recommendations for making sense of the data here.


Social Determinants Of Health

Rural Americans face disproportionately high risks when it comes to chronic disease, the country's leading cause of death and disability. Learn more.


Social Determinants Of Health

Forging the path towards health equity will require coordinated efforts from healthcare stakeholders incl payers, providers, and community-based organizations.


Social Determinants Of Health

Despite the urgent need for data related to SDoH, there are numerous barriers that make widespread data collection sparse. Learn more.


Social Determinants Of Health

Providers who deliver culturally competent care better serve BIPOC patients by minimizing bias, improving satisfaction & health outcomes. Learn more.


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