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We've joined our RTI Health Solutions colleagues under the RTI Health Solutions brand to offer an expanded set of research and consulting services.

Value-Based Care

Our experts in health policy, economics, medical care, quality measures and risk adjustment create content on current and emerging value-based care models that achieve high-quality, cost-efficient, and equitable care through incentivized value-based care contracts. Our content, consulting services, and solutions help healthcare organizations evaluate existing VBC arrangements or create new ones. We advise and guide in the selection of the right VBC model while assessing opportunities for innovative, population-based or disease-focused VBC programs in areas like behavioral health or home and community programs.

Value-Based Care

CMS launched the Making Care Primary Model to strengthen primary care, improve quality, and reduce costs through value-based care contracts.


Value-Based Care

Though VBC for behavioral health may have hurdles, it can be a way to champion & demonstrate the value of preventive behavioral healthcare. See more.


Value-Based Care

Can value-based payments help reach CMS's goal of 100% original Medicare beneficiaries & the majority of Medicaid in accountable care by 2030? Find out here.


Value-Based Care

Addressing these six challenges to behavioral health transition to value-based care could help mitigate the current mental health crisis.


Value-Based Care

As health equity becomes a focus, the nature of CHNAs should change. Here, we look at the increasing use of CHNAs and how to prioritize health equity.


Value-Based Care

Learn about six strategies that are helping self-funded employers achieve their own Triple Aim and contain costs.


Value-Based Care

Connected healthcare drives the Quintuple Aim, but it's more than telemedicine and RPM. Learn more.

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Value-Based Care

Value-based care is changing the healthcare system, & choosing the right payment model can be tricky. Learn about downside risk-based payment options here. 

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With payers leading the operational charge, the healthcare industry is transforming from Triple Aim to Quadruple Aim. Read how our experts developed an actionable, detailed roadmap to implement an advanced clinical operating model.

Value-Based Care

Value-based care (VBC) pledged higher-quality, lower-cost care, but it hasn’t always delivered. What’s the future of VBC, and how will it impact care quality? 

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